Our Pageants

One of a Kind Events

Miss Magnificent pageants are truly one of a kind. Focused on promoting the self-esteem, confidence, and communication skills, our events are tailored to the abilities of our participants. Accommodations are made so that everyone who wants to participate is given the chance. If you are still unsure whether you or your child would be able to participate, please contact us!


At a Miss Magnificent pageant, everyone is a winner!

Who is Eligible to Participate?

Any individual with a special need or disability as documented by a physician, IEP plan, IPP plan, 504 plan, SSI, etc. is able to participate at a Miss Magnificent pageant - free of charge!

Free of Charge?

Yes! All Miss Magnificent events are 100% free! There is no registration costs, attendance costs, or ticket costs! Thanks to our amazing Sponsors, we have been able to keep Miss Magnificent Pageants free and we plan to keep them free forever.

Age Divisions

At a Miss Magnificent pageant, our participants are split up based on their age. Our youngest participants are 5 years old, but there is no ending age limit. Once you start participating, you can participate forever.


5-8 years ~ Tiny Miss/Tiny Mister Division

9-11 ~ Little Miss/Little Mister Division

12-14 ~ Junior Miss/Junior Mister Division

15-19 ~ Teen Miss/Teen Mister Division

20-24 ~ Miss/Mister Division

25+ ~ Classic Miss/Classic Mister Division

My Son/Daughter is Nonverbal

Even if your son or daughter is nonverbal, they can still participate in a Miss Magnificent pageant! For self-introduction, participants can instead be introduced by our emcee. Additionally, the interview portion can be waived.


If you think you/your child can do part of introduction/interview, please contact us and we can help you get everything figured out. If you're worried about any other accommodations you/your child may need, please contact us.

Competition Areas

Self- Introduction

During Self-Introduction, each participant introduces themselves to the audience, promoting their communication skills and public speaking. In this required category, participants can say as much or as little about themselves as they would like. They can share their ambitions, favorite color, pet's names, etc. For participants that are nonverbal, the emcee will anounce them while the participant is on stage.


Attire for Self-Introduction is Sunday Best, but remember we want everyone to be comfortable as well!


On-stage interview, which is rolled into self-introduction, allows participants to practice communication skills, speaking skills, and interview skills. Participants are asked two to three fairly simple questions about themselves. Examples include their favorite class, hobbies, or what they want to be when they grow up.


For nonverbal participants, this portion can be waived. Additionally, if you/your child only answers a certain type of question (i.e. yes/no questions, questions about school, etc.) please contact us ahead of time so we can ensure to ask the proper questions during interview.


Attire for Interview is Sunday Best, but remember we want everyone to be comfortable as well!

Talent - Optional

The Talent portion is completely optional but allows participants to show off their talents and builds confidence and self-esteem. Talents can be anything that the participant is good at - jump roping, hula-hooping, cheer leading, tuba etc. We've even had participants bring finished creations such as paintings, sculptures, blankets, or photographs and discussed the product or how they made it on stage.


Individuals who participate in talent are awarded a medal for their hard work. One Overall Talent Queen is also crowned.


Attire for Talent is up to you! If your talent requires a certain outfit, such as cheerleading uniform or tae kwon do gi, then you can wear that. Otherwise you can wear Sunday Best as you did in Self-Introduction and Interview or change in to something else.

Photogenic - Optional

The Photogenic portion is also completely optional. In this, participants are judged on printed photographs where they show off their unique style. Photographs do not need to be professional. We accept school photos, Christmas cards, seflies, etc. as long as the photographs are printed.


Individuals who participate in photognic are awarded a medal for their hard work. One Overall Photogenic Queen is also crowned.


During formalwear, participants are truly given the red carpet treatment. They are escorted on stage and introduced by our emcee. Confidence can easily be seen, and this category helps promote the self-esteem and confidence of our participants. Participants bow, twirl, wave, and blow kisses to the audience with grins on their face.


Attire for Formalwear is evening wear, but remember we want everyone to be comfortable as well! For ladies, does not need to be a floor length pageant gown. It can be Sunday Best, their prom dress, or what they wore to a wedding last year. For gentleman, this does not need to be a full tux or suit.


Finally, participants are given the royal treatment during crowning. At a Miss Magnificent pageant, everyone is a winner. There is one divisional queen chosen per age division, all others are crowned princesses. There is also an overall talent queen and overall photogenic queen. While there is no overall escort, all escorts are awarded for their efforts.


  • Queens receive a satin sash, rhinestone tiara, trophy, and goody bag.
  • Princesses a satin sash, rhinestone tiara, trophy, and goody bag.
  • Escorts receive a kings crown, medal, trophy, and goody bag.


Please note that participants can be talent queen or divisional queen but not both. After talent and photogenic queens are awarded, they will be crowned princesses during their division.


Attire for crowning is the same as formalwear.

If you have any other questions about a Miss Magnificent pageant not answered above, please contact us! We strive to ensure that everyone who wants to participate is given the chance and we work hard to make accommodations as needed.

What About After the Pageant?

First, let us say CONGRATULATIONS on participating in one of our pageants! We understand that competing in a pageant can be scary at first, but we are so proud of you for your hard work!


There is so much you can do as a Miss Magnificent Queen or Princess. A quick glance at any pageant Facebook page shows queens out and about in the community - volunteering, riding in parades, and making "appearances". An appearance is just any event where a queen or princess wears her sash and/or crown. This can be any event! Dances, parades, church, fundraising events, volunteering events, etc.


We LOVE to share photos of our Magnificent queens and princesses out and about in their community. If you/your child has an appearance, please send a photo and a brief description to us at queens@missmagnificent.org so we can share on our Facebook page and website.


What's so great about appearances? For starters, by wearing her sash and crown around, appearances help promote Miss Magnificent and help our pageants grow larger. On top of that, appearances give you/your child the chance to speak about the pageant, your experience, how much fun you had, your new friends, and when the next pageant is! This helps promote public speaking and communication skills year round! Miss Magnificent does not want to be a one day, one time event. We want to help you enhance your self-esteem, confidence, and communication skills year round. By participating in appearances, you are able to do so.


Hear what our participants and their families have to say.

SUSIE, Mother


"Seeing our girls, alongside all the other girls, completely light up with joy when they won something, was the best sight ever.  So many times I was moved to tears during the pageant to see how special each girl was, and how genuine and precious they were."

LEEANN, Junior Miss Princess


"I'm a princess, mommy!"


LETTY, Mother


"Most rewarding experience for my daughter! This pageant has awaken her little spirit in a very large way! She feels important! Thank You!!!!"










queens crowned


princesses crowned




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